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Frank Noonan, our group’s founder, began his career as a combat lieutenant with the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam. Following his tours of duty, Frank spent over 27 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Thereafter, Frank began a second career serving in a variety of investigative agent roles with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.


Anthony Fiore is a veteran law enforcement professional and Certified Fraud Examiner well versed in sound investigative ...


Randy Feathers began his accomplished career over 35 years ago as a Washington D.C. patrolman and has since...


Frank Fina started his career as an attorney with the Honors Program at the United States Department of Justice.


Bob Shiver started his career over 40 years ago as a uniformed Philadelphia Police Officer.


Rick Sheetz has over 40 years of experience as an attorney in both the private and public sectors.


After serving in Vietnam with the United States Marines, Dennis began an illustrious 33-year...


The Noonan Group has assisted a diverse array of clients in all manner of investigations, inquiries, and research. Our Group has professionally fulfilled the needs of our clients consistent with the guidelines and discretion necessary to each assigned objective. While respecting the absolute need for confidentiality, the Noonan Group has provided the following noteworthy assistance to our recent clients:

  • Conducted a months-long re-investigation of significant environmental and fraud charges brought by a law enforcement agency against a corporate client. Our efforts resulted in illuminating the poorly conducted and questionably motivated law enforcement investigation and prosecution. Once completed, our determinations led to the voluntary dismissal of all (over 85 felony and misdemeanor counts) charges against our client.
  • Utilized by a prominent religious organization to conduct internal investigations and identify employees who may have engaged in misconduct in the course of their employment. Hundreds of interviews were conducted while revisiting past investigations as well as researching current accusations. Our efforts provided clarity to the client’s decision making process.
  • Employed to survey, catalog, and uncover statewide counterfeiting misconduct by competitors of a corporate client. Our efforts resulted in significant information gathering, clarification, and solutions that bolstered litigation efforts and provided a renewed sales approach.
  • Assisted law firms in information gathering efforts to identify and interview key witnesses in serious pending criminal and civil cases. Our timely results ensured proper and accurate assessment and strategies, adding significant value to the litigation process.
  • Identified significant hidden issues in the background of a corporate entity and its executives who sought a government license to conduct multimillion dollar business activities.
  • Determined and presented the plain and uncorrupted facts regarding sensitive employment matters before reviewing boards and executives.
  • Conducted extensive research and investigation into the background of corporate competitors on behalf of clients that dramatically influenced preferential legislation for our clients.
  • Provided extensive and detailed written reports of findings and conclusions regarding compliance, internal investigations or employment issues.
  • Testified on behalf of clients before legislative and regulatory bodies.